Vladimir was born in Serbia in September of 1944. His first journey in life was crossing the Italian Alps into Austria as a newborn in his mother’s arms during the cold winter months of World War II. His infant youth was spent in a British controlled internment camp followed by an Austrian displaced persons camp separated from immediate family and raised by his grandparents. At the age of five, Vladimir travelled alone from Austria to England to be reunited with his mother. Passport tags were draped around his neck and his trip was navigated by train and ship across the English Channel without a word of knowledge of the English language. Vladimir was formally educated through high school in England where he took additional evening art classes at Manchester College. 
In 1961, Vladimir and his family immigrated to America settling in Paterson N.J. In June of 1962, after graduating from Eastside High School he worked as a silkscreen artist designing Pennants and Banners. In 1965, Vladimir was drafted into the US Army to serve during the Vietnam War from 1965-67.
Following military service, Vladimir attended Pratt Institute in New York City and graduated in 1971 with Honors in Industrial Design. He became interested in furniture design and was awarded First-Place in the Sachs NYC Furniture Competition. His most notable industrial design project was the 1973 Allis Chalmers Farm Tractor Series which had a significant impact in the industry and also holds several patents in other industries.   In 1977, Vladimir was awarded United States citizenship. 
In 2007, Vladimir returned to his first love of fine art with French Impressionism becoming a strong influence in his paintings. Landscapes and still life subjects appear detailed, however, bold brush strokes and a focus on the effects of light and color allow the viewer to participate in filling-in finer details with their own interpretive imagination.  
Vladimir resides in New Jersey and enjoys travel, golf, and the study or antique armory. His visits throughout Europe and Asia provide inspirational background for his works. He has a wife, Daria, and two daughters Larissa and Marina residing with their families in Minneapolis and New York City respectively.
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